Hi, my name is Ashlie! I'm a short, 24 year old girl living in the peach state. When I'm not on the web browsing the beautiful blogs of others; I'm usually trying to keep myself busy by reading books, magazines, blogs, and really anything I can get my eyes on; I like to read. That extends to my love of writing; I enjoy writing to pen pals and sending little things in the mail! I'm a girly girl; which means pink is my favorite color, I have a LOT of clothes, and never enough shoes. I'm into  sappy movies, eating tons of chocolate, baking delicious morsels fit for a sweet tooth, and eating! I'm a person that is almost always happy, enjoys to laugh, and is a loyal friend! My mom and my sweetheart are my favorite people on the planet; and my world would never be complete without God!

The Blog
A Classy Occasion blog is my little place in the big world of cyberspace! It's a collection of the people and things that are near and dear to my heart! Here you'll find an array of topics; such as: my likes, adventures,  life, thoughts, date nights, my mom, and my journey in starting my own business. I hope it becomes a warm and welcoming place where others will want to visit, make friends, and share!

A Classy Occasion
A Classy Occasion is my wedding and event planning and coordination business; my own little leap of faith! I always believed I would be an entrepreneur and had a strong desire to open a business of my own. After majoring in hospitality and working within the events industry , ever since I was 18, I decided to have faith for something I ALWAYS wanted; so I set out to make it happen! It can be a lot of work, but the joy I receive in making someone's dream come true, for one special day, is what makes everything worthwhile!

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