Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mail Call

Hello all you lovely bloggers! It's already half way through the first month of the new year. Have you started working towards your goals and resolutions? I'm proud to say I have; I hope you are too!

I was thinking of what to do for my pen pal this month, when I was also thinking of what I should share with you all today. So I decided to share some of the beautiful letters and mail I received last year.

These are my Christmas cards I received through a Christmas Card Exchange
{1}Sauni-Rae Dain

I received letters on beautiful papers and cards.

This beautiful letter was written from Sara, who is from Slovenia. I adore this letter because of all the little quotes she wrote. I also liked the added stickers! In another letter, she sent me Cosmo magazine pages, which were in the Slovenian language. This girl is very fascinating: besides speaking fluent Slovenian, she is studying English, German, and Russian. WOW; learning one second language is tuff for me. 

 Here are the different stamps that were affixed to my envelopes. I have been collecting stamps for years now. I like the limited edition stamps from the local post office and, of course, receiving stamps on international letters!

I like to give and receive mail all the time! It's interesting to meet new people, learn how we are alike, learn about our countries, and what we do. Having pen pals is really something you should try, if you like to write or meet new people. Do any of you have any pen pals; what do you send to them? If you would like to become a pen pal of mine; let me know.

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  1. I love getting actual things in the mail too. I have always loved all of my letters from my penpals through the correspondence club. Whenever I am in a store and see something little and cute I purchase it and put it aside to keep to send my penpals later.

    1. I've always enjoyed receiving letters and packages in the mail. No matter how much technology changes, nothing beats handwritten letters and cards! The correspondence club is really great in that we all get to meet new people; like how I met YOU!!



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