Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Bowling Christmas Party and Friends!

Hello lovelies! This week is the busiest week of the year at work. Out of all the months and weeks; this is the busiest. We've had company Christmas parties, business meetings, a 12/12/12 wedding, and this weekend; two tastings.

Tuesday I attended the employee Christmas party; which was at the Stars and Strikes nearby. It was a LOT of fun! We began the night off eating pizza and wings; then started bowling. I don't even know the final score, and no one else paid attention to it either; we were all too busy playing around trying to mess each other up, taking their turn at the last minute, and cracking jokes! It was fun; I had a LOT of laughs!

Not only were these people, the people I work with; which I enjoy working with, they're also people I call my friends!

After the bowling we all opened our Secret Santa gifts from each other. My "Secret Santa" got me a dog face hat; complete with ears, nose, and tails that hang down. Also: a little Christmas candy cane color bracelet! I've never had a hat like this before; it should be interesting to wear!

Have you attended any Christmas parties, so far this year? Where was it; what did you do?

Until next time,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{Wedding Wednesday} Weddings and A Movie

Tonight is date night; in a few short hours, I'll be heading to the movies with my sweetheart! I LOVE going to the theater and watching a movie on a huge, gigantic screen with surround sound. Going to the theater is something I've found, is one of the things my boyfriend and I enjoy doing together; really just watching movies at the theater or on DVD.

Anyways, since I'm headed to the movies; I thought I would share my favorite movies that have weddings in them. Many guys would think they're chick flicks, but it's romance that us girls like about them.

A Walk To Remember: One of my all time favorite movies; I can watch it over and over, in fact I've seen it so many times, I've memorized parts.  

 The Wedding Planner: LOVE this movie! This is also a movie I've seen over and over.

Sweet Home Alabama: Again, another movie I've see over and over and memorized parts. But I love the ending!

 Father of The Bride: This is an oldie, but a good one! It's touches the heart and shows the elaborateness of weddings.

 My Best Friend's Wedding: This one is funny!

*So what are your favorite movies with weddings in them? Do you like to go to the movies like I do?

Have a happy Wednesday night,
    ~ Ashlie

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

{A Classy Christmas} Candidly Clyde's Ornament Swap

For today's installment of "A Classy Christmas" I'm sharing my ornament swap that Candidly Clyde put together. I was partnered with Melissa of the health and fitness blog Fitkist. I wanted to make something handmade, so I went to Michael's to get some supplies. I went to the store the day after black Friday and spent a little too much time browsing, but I was fortunate to leave with a lot of stuff that was on sale!

When I sat down to create Melissa's ornament, I was trying to figure out what to do with all my supplies and mounds of glitter. It finally came to me to replicate her blog logo on her ornament. It turned out really well and looks a lot like the real thing! Check it out:
{If you want to make it all you need to do is:}
 1} have a clear glass ornament, 2} pour glue inside the ornament and make sure it covers the inside fully, there will be an abundance of glue that will need to be poured out the next day; so place it upside down to let the glue pour out. 3} then add glitter inside the ornament until it is fully covering the inside. 4} use glitter pens to write on the outside of the ornament and let it dry.

I was so ecstatic when I opened my ornament from Melissa. She got me an ornament that resembles, not only my blog, but me so perfectly! I LOVE it! Check it out:

I'm linking up my Christmas ornament craft with Cassie of Hi Sugarplum. Go visit her blog for more Christmas craft ideas and diys!

What have you made this year for your Christmas decor or gifts?

~ Ashlie

Monday, December 3, 2012

All I want for Christmas...

Christmas is 22 days away; have you finished your shopping? I haven't; although I still need to come up with a few creative, inexpensive gifts to give, including homemade! Since I'm linking up with "Bringing Cheer to The Blogosphere", for the holiday, today I'm starting my own little cheer post series by sharing my Christmas wish list.

Ashlie's Christmas List 2012Kitchenaide Stand Mixer | Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System | Bow Ring | Urban Decay: Naked 2 Eye Palette | Leg Warmers

Since a lot of these items are not inexpensive, this is only my wish list; I plan to own these items at some point in time, when I can afford them. I have taken a big linking to bow rings, although the link to the one I found was way more than I would want to pay for it; there are many others far less. I've heard rave reviews from people who have used the Clarisonic, and me being into healthy skin, I've had my eye on it for awhile now. I've also heard good reviews and videos from the Naked palettes; I could try out so many new looks! Then there is the Kitchenaide stand mixer... oh how I have come to fall in love with this gadget! I love to bake and this beauty would get a LOT of use in my kitchen! Finally, the leg warmers, as well as scarves and hats that I did not include. I get cold a lot and these not only look cute, but would keep me; oh so vary warm!

Although these things are nice; all I really want are the things that matter most; love and joy! Also, I want and pray that my mom has a good Christmas, while she's going through chemo; it's tuff, but I just want her to be happy!

What's on your Christmas wish list this year?