Thursday, November 29, 2012

What's Coming Up For December

Hello my blog friends! How are you all? I'm doing well! I've been busy around my house, cleaning, organizing, and putting things in a pile to give to Goodwill. I'm still not finished; but next week I will, hopefully! Last week I did not blog a lot because I was taking care of my mom and cleaning house, but I wanted to write a short post for you today, and share what's coming up for December.

December is one of my favorite times of the whole year! Besides it being the month where my favorite holiday is, I love the joy people have during this time, the decor, shopping for others, getting cozy with hot cocoa, and just enjoying the season! I'm planning on putting together some great posts for this coming month; including my reveals for the Christmas card and ornament exchanges I've been a part of. I'm also going to link up with "Christmas Cheer To The Blogosphere"; which you can also be a part of. Click the picture below and you'll find how you can link up your Christmas crafts, recipes, and more. It sounds like a LOT of fun; so I plan on participating and I hope you will too!

Also, I'm brainstorming some ideas to better my Wedding Wednesday features. Since this is the season a lot of people get engaged; I'm thinking of broadening my wedding topics, starting with the very first step in the wedding planning process, and then continuing on with other steps. I also really want to start posting on party related things as well. I would LOVE if you all would help me in gaining ideas, or tell me what you would like to see; or need help with. If you have questions, ideas, or advice; click the picture below to let me know!

So what do you think about my December plans, for this classy blog? Let me know and, seriously, tell me what you'd like to see! What are your blog plans for the upcoming month of December?

Until next time,
  ~ Ashlie

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  1. Thanks for sharing our linky parties! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)


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