Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: My Favorite Wedding Blogs

I could spend an entire day pouring over the online pages of wedding blogs; as a matter of fact, I have done just that. The beautiful pictures of details and projects give me so much inspiration, that I get carried away and loose track of time. Sometimes it makes my mind so inspired I just want to whip up something of my own, right then and there.

Today, wedding blogs have become a number one resource to brides planning their weddings; that's great, because I have a wedding blog! YAY! Not only are they inspiration for brides, but they're also a great resource for planner, like myself. So today, I'm going to share my top favorite wedding blogs that I go to for a resource, inspiration, and ideas.

Written by Amy and Jocey, The Wedding Chicks focuses on weddings, wedding fashion, wedding decor and diys. I especially LOVE this site because of all the free project printables, phone wallpapers, step by step instructions on bouquet making, hair styles, and diys. This site has an abundance of ideas and inspiration; it's totally worth checking out!

Written by several different writers, Southern Weddings is a blog focusing on real southern weddings and southern event details. They also have a magazine in digital and print form. Since I live in the peach state, which is the south, this magazine hones in on ideas for southern bred brides; which helps me to find what southern brides like and want.

Written by Alison, The Knotty Bride is a wedding blog that is "a world of inspiration and all the answers you’ll need to make your wedding the ultimate celebration of who you are." I really like the boudoir posts, which is a popular trend before the wedding, that are featured regularly. Of course, with the title, you will find some interesting topics and "Girl Talk".

Written by Kat Williams, Rock N' Roll Bride is for the off beat bride who is not looking for a "cookie cutter" wedding experience, but in creating a wedding that defines you! I like this site because you can find many off beat, different ideas. This is not a site for dainty brides, but for boldly courageous brides who want to express their individuality in their wedding! 

Jasmine Star's blog is more of a photography blog; but within the pages, you'll find tips on shooting weddings, business behind the scenes, and her own photography shoots. Jasmine is a very talented photographer and you just may find something you like there.

So there you go, my top favorite wedding blogs! Have you visited them before? If you haven't, check them out; you'll LOVE what you find! Also, remember if you have any wedding or event planning questions, you can bring your questions to me at my formspring page, or by clicking the link in my right sidebar. I'd like to know what other wedding blogs you've come across; let me know in the comments!

- Ashlie

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