Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pearls Are A Girl's Best Friend

Diamonds are mainly the best friend to many girls, but I like pearls! Pearls evoke a sense of timeless beauty to me. Looking at old pictures and movies in past eras, such as the 20s, you will always find a girl wearing pearls. They're beautiful creations made from oysters in the ocean; some are even rare!

Pearls can be worn with practically anything; from jeans, summer dresses, capris, cozy sweaters, or beautiful dresses; pearls instantly create an ordinary look into something timeless! Just check out Audrey Hepburn; she wore pearls and she is regarded as a timeless beauty.

Although I love the sparkle and glam of diamonds; pearls, to me, will always remain classic, timeless, and classy!

Pearls Are A Girl's Best Friend

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