Monday, October 1, 2012

The Start of October

Hello everyone! A LOT has been going on in life lately and I haven't blogged in awhile. I may share a few things later on with you all, about the life stuff; but today is the start of October and I want to start this day with a new post; a reintroduction, an the start of more posts to come.

It's already fall and I can feel the weather is changing outside; except for the fact that, here in the peach state, it's been raining ALL day long. I feel excited for this month, not only because of the cooler temperatures, but also my fall decor, that I'm so loving, and mostly the feeling of cozy days ahead! It's just a feeling; do you know what I mean? I'm also thinking of fall clothes, cozy cups of tea, and harvest festivals! Awe...

Anyway... today I also want to share a little about myself, for all you guests and new followers! I felt, since this is a new month, and the fact that I'm getting back into regular postings; I should introduce myself again.

My name is Ashlie and I would love to know who you are as well! I really enjoy writing this blog and sometimes I like to write stories as well, for fun! Almost everyday I visit other blogs and it's so fascinating to be able to read and get know someone through their words and pictures!

A Classy Occasion is a little place I can call my own; where I share anything that's on my heart, my life, likes and dislikes, opinions, my love for too much clothes and cute shoes, my journey into my own event planning business, my date nights with my sweetie, my creations, projects, the joy I find in making someone's dream come true on their wedding day, and my faith in God that gives me strength and direction.

 I work in the hospitality field as an event manager and studied hospitality in college It's truly something I enjoy doing. I love to make people feel special and taken care of; although it's hard work and long hours, I enjoy it! Currently, I'm FINALLY taking steps to owning my own event planning company and have already ventured out doing my own events.

When I'm not busy working at my weekend job, working on getting my company together, or blogging; I'm like to read, be creative and make things, bake, go shopping, watch movies or go to the theater, surfing the web, or hanging out with my mom, or my sweetheart of a boyfriend!

A few random things about me:

~ I LOVE chocolate
~ My favorite movies are A Walk To Remember, Sweet Home Alabama, Save The Last Dance
~ Some of my pet peeves: Grammar Errors, Stained Clothes, Disorganization
~ I have 2 Dogs and 1 Cat
~ I'm a bit of a nerd; I like to read, write, learn, and take frequent visits to the library

 I hope you all enjoy my blog and visit often!


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