Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Lately here in the Peach state, the nights are cool and crisp, just like fall; but the days are warm; with temperatures in the seventies and the sun beaming. I haven't even begun wearing my long sleeves, or jackets. What a bummer! I have been seeing some cute fall weather clothes while visiting blogs, like this outfit inspired by Paris in The Fall. and it makes me want to buy more clothes; I have to resist the urge. I already have a LOT of clothes; my mom and boyfriend can, will, and have attest to that. But, I'm thinking of going through my closet to sell some pieces that I don't REALLY like anymore... ah... out with the old, in with the new!

via FlourishCafe

While waiting for my mom at another doctor's visit, this time to check that her heart will be strong enough for the port, I was reading up on The Vow. This book is amazing. I'm currently almost finished with chapter five; I'm not going to give out ANY details. Yesterday I bought the movie, but I'm waiting to watch it until I finish the book. If anyone is currently reading it, let me know. Also, if you're really into books, follow me at Goodreads, here.

There's not much to say from me about life lately, but those are just a few things. Hopefully the weather will change more, and I can break out my cozy clothes, drink hot cocoa, and get under my warm blanket with my books, and maybe buy a few new pieces for fall; I have to stay warm! What are you looking forward to with the fall season?


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