Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Wedding Wednesday} Crazy About Mason Jars?

The vintage trend in weddings has been happening for awhile now. Vintage themed weddings are one of the most popular wedding trends; with vintage hankies, suitcases, window panes, books, bikes, and a plethora of many other vintage finds. I, myself, love the vintage trend! I've always had a fond liking to past eras and vintage styles. Companies have even been popping up to cater just for the vintage lovers; such as Blue Eyed Yonder, which rents out vintage props for weddings and events that are planning around the old feel of vintage.

With these vintage themed weddings come mason jars; and a lot of them! If you take a good look around the internet, you'll notice people have gone crazy for mason jars. Of course there are vintage ones, but if you can't get your hands on those; most grocery stores sell them. They're really used for canning vegetables; but today they are most found at weddings!

I was browsing the web yesterday and came across a link for 50+ Mason Jar Decor Ideas. Of course I clicked on the link and found some great ideas; worthy of a vintage wedding! So today, I thought I would share that link with you all! I may try a few of the ideas and share them with you. What do you think of the vintage themed wedding? Are you crazy for mason jars?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's October and It's Already Winter?

It's cooold here in the peach state today! It's supposed to be fall season right now, but it feels more like winter, and the wind is strong. I guess it's the effect of the perfect storm, Sandy. As of now, the storm has already made landfall and power has been lost to many people. I even heard yesterday that North Carolina was having a blizzard. WOW, this is crazy!

I put together a little Polyvore set, below, featuring an outfit that I wouldn't mind wearing in the fall weather; but it's not ideal if the weather stays cold like it is.

Fall Fashion: Sweet & Cute

Although I took a trip to the grocery store today, I'm staying indoors to stay cozy; well until I have to leave for work. What's the weather like in your area?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

May I Answer Your Questions?

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's afternoon time and although work doesn't start until 5pm today, I'm feeling pretty productive already! I've updated my twitter page, complete with a new header and background that I designed myself; I'm really happy about it! I also updated my Formspring account; which I'm happy to share with you today, since it has something to do with "Wedding Wednesday; which I created a picture link for, in my sidebar. So, I would say today has been, somewhat productive!

Since I'm a new and upcoming wedding and event planner, this blog is not only my personal blog where I share myself; but its also a blog where I share what I do and the passion that I have for it! I want to extend that, in helping my fellow bloggers, friends, and visitors to my blog; by answering questions that you may have related to weddings, parties, events, the planning of them, maybe some ideas about mason jars, best cake bakeries, Djs, diys, and maybe some insider answers. I hope by doing this, I can truly be of some help to someone.

So for all your wedding and event planning questions, click the picture below and start asking! The picture link will also be in my sidebar, towards the right, whenever you're in need! I look forward to answering and helping!!

via Caroline Photography

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{Birchbox} October: Transformations

The mail dropped off my October Birchbox last week! This month's theme is Transformations. So let me unveil my box to you!

  • La Fresh- Nail Polish Remover: This is Eco polish remover that is 100% biodegradable, ctuscan orange scented, and Acetone-Free. The package claims one pad cleans all ten nails.
  • Naked Princess- Lip Gloss: Sheer gloss in the color of Barely Blush and is supposed to double as a plumper. It's actually a nice product, but I would look better in a more berry shade!
  • theBalm- Mary-Lou Manizer: Highlighter, shimmer, and eyeshadow all in a tiny package. The shade is a slight, shimmery brown. Putting it on, it blends in with my skin tone; LOVE the shimmer!
  • willa- Clear Face Moisturizer: In a cute, little pumper. Made with aloe, mango extract, and eucalyptus to balance moisture without clogging pores.
  • Luna Fiber Bar: Fruit filled fiber bar in chocolate raspberry.
Below a card that was in my box, on whats to use highlighter. I'll be using these ideas! How do you use highlighter?

So what kind of goodies did you get in your Birchbox? Have you tried any of the same items I received; how did you like them? 

To view more Birchboxes, visit the link up, featured below, at Tara's blog, Fabulous But Evil; or Katie's blog, The Nerdy Katie.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Love Quotes

Weddings are the joining of two becoming one; a celebration of love. It makes my heart swell with joy, to be apart of the weddings that love radiates, so brightly, on the faces of brides and grooms. It makes me happy and gives me joy to work with these types of couples that truly know what love is and shows it! As I watch these couples, I can tell they have a love for each other that is so special; it's like you not only see it; but you can feel it too!
Today I thought I would share some of my favorite quotes and pictures, that I have found on Pinterest, that make me think of that one true, special, and forever love!

via Tess Vanderhoof
via Kat Devers
via Erin Elizabeth
via Monika Williams
via Jen Ramos of Made By Girl
via Pip Stanford
via Jenna Gray
via michelle j.
*For more quotes and pictures on what I think love is, follow my board, "this is LOVE" on Pinterest, here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Lately here in the Peach state, the nights are cool and crisp, just like fall; but the days are warm; with temperatures in the seventies and the sun beaming. I haven't even begun wearing my long sleeves, or jackets. What a bummer! I have been seeing some cute fall weather clothes while visiting blogs, like this outfit inspired by Paris in The Fall. and it makes me want to buy more clothes; I have to resist the urge. I already have a LOT of clothes; my mom and boyfriend can, will, and have attest to that. But, I'm thinking of going through my closet to sell some pieces that I don't REALLY like anymore... ah... out with the old, in with the new!

via FlourishCafe

While waiting for my mom at another doctor's visit, this time to check that her heart will be strong enough for the port, I was reading up on The Vow. This book is amazing. I'm currently almost finished with chapter five; I'm not going to give out ANY details. Yesterday I bought the movie, but I'm waiting to watch it until I finish the book. If anyone is currently reading it, let me know. Also, if you're really into books, follow me at Goodreads, here.

There's not much to say from me about life lately, but those are just a few things. Hopefully the weather will change more, and I can break out my cozy clothes, drink hot cocoa, and get under my warm blanket with my books, and maybe buy a few new pieces for fall; I have to stay warm! What are you looking forward to with the fall season?


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pink Prayers Are Needed

I've always found it easier to express my feelings by writing my thoughts down, into words; rather than speaking them. So today I'm going to share with you something personal, that has been going on in my life.

About three weeks ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went to the doctor for a mammogram, because she felt a lump in her right breast. A week later, the doctor conducted a biopsy and the test result came back as cancer. After blood work and a PET Scan, we finally got to sit down with the surgeon and oncologist yesterday. They went over what they found, how serious it is, and what the plans are for treatment.

My mom will be getting a port placed under her skin, near her chest somewhere. This will be for easy access to place an IV for Chemotherapy treatments; which will begin in about ten days. The doctors decided to start Chemotherapy now, in order to shrink the cancer cells and leave no remnants of cancer behind after they remove her breast. The Chemo treatments will be for six months; in which she'll be going every three weeks for three hours each time. After the treatments, they'll then remove the breast.

Sitting in the meeting room talking to the doctors was a little overwhelming; a lot to take in all at once and shocking. As I write this, it's still, just does not seem real to me. I NEVER thought this would ever happen to my mom. When I was eight years old, she had ovarian cancer. But all that entailed, was her getting a hysterectomy and then recovery time. It was not a long process and it wasn't filled with additional treatments. No one told my mom, then, that because of her having ovarian cancer, she would be more likely to get breast cancer. This is something I just learned yesterday.

Now I'm looking into support groups that my mom can be apart of, hats and wigs; because her hair will start to fall out by the second Chemo treatment, prosthesis, and cancer books; and it still just seems  so unreal. I'm not worried, because I have faith in God to get me and my mom through this. I also have faith in Him to get this nasty stuff called cancer, out and away from my mom. I don't know what else to do, but continue to pray, like I always do, stay positive, courageous, and trust God that my mom is going to get through this and she'll become a survivor and stay that way.

For those of you that know the power of what praying can and will do: please keep my mom in your prayers. Pray for the both of us; for strength, courage through it all, and healing. 

Let me know if you're going through something similar, or have already. If you know of any helpful resources, or what you do for awareness and pink. I'll keep you updated and as I'm trying to get more involved with Twitter, I'll keep updates there as well! Thanks for the prayers; I pray that God blesses you in return!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Currently Reading: "The Vow"

When I saw the previews for the movie "The Vow", I REALLY wanted to see it as soon as it came to theaters; unfortunately I never made it in time and the movie is now out on DVD. It's all good, because I found the book at my library and checked it out! I'm currently on the 3rd chapter and have quickly found that this book is going to be a GREAT read! Its one of those books that keeps my interest and makes me want to keep reading to the point of not wanting to put the book down.
For those of you that have seen the movie already, or even read the book; please, please don't give me ANY details about it. They say the book is always better than the movie, and I have found that to be true, many times. So I'm going to read this amazing story first, than buy the movie to watch.. I'm sure it will be teary eyed and mushy, but with a happy ending! When I FINALLY get to actually watch the movie, I'm going to convince my boyfriend to watch it with me.

I'll keep you updated on how the book reading goes and eventually how the movie turns out.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: My First Wedding as A Coordinator

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I'm going to share my very first wedding I coordinated on my own. Although I work weddings and events many times every week, this wedding was the first outside my regular job and I was hired just through a post I wrote on a WeddingBee message board.

The wedding took place on May 27th of this year in the Atlanta, Georgia area. It was actually at a conference center; which I was a little skeptical, at first, and wondered if the wedding would "actually" turn out looking nice. I'm used to weddings in beautiful country clubs, antebellum houses, gardens, and rooms filled with tall windows. But in the end, I was blown away with the end results.

Michelle and Clyde were such a pleasure to work with! I was in contact with Michelle for about two months before the wedding, so I was able to get a feel for her personality and wants; which were an elegant style and a laid back personality: the best kind of bride to have!
The wedding ceremony was beautiful, with aisles lined with candelabras on pedestals. They also read the scripture on A Cord of Three Strands, found in Ecclesiastes 4:12. I'll be remembering this for my own wedding in the future!

Being on my own for the first time made me a little nervous; but I had an assistant, my sweet boyfriend Vardi, came along to help set up tables and accessories. He was such a major help; so I'm going to make sure I have an assistant again! The guest count was 125 and almost everybody was on the dance floor! The DJ had a GREAT mix of music, including some Caribbean/Jamaican music I had never heard of before.
 They hired a great caterer, which prepared such delicious food! Tonza, the head caterer, was THE sweetest caterer I have EVER worked with!! The cake was spectacularly beautiful. I was so busy and focused on the timeline, I forgot to taste it.

The end of the night came a little fast and everyone was so happy! Both Michelle and Clyde thanked me and expressed how well I did; which made me sooooo happy! It's THAT moment that makes EVERYTHING worth it!!!!

This was such a beautiful wedding and I'm so happy and will be forever grateful that Michelle took a chance on me. She gave me the opportunity to gain much needed experience for starting my own business! This is truly one of the most beautiful weddings I've been apart of, so far, and I've seen a LOT of them!

So that is my first wedding that I did on my own and the first of many more to come!! What do you think of the vintage style?

*Pictures taken by: Capture the Image, except for the 4th picture of the table taken by: Vardi Muller

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Start of October

Hello everyone! A LOT has been going on in life lately and I haven't blogged in awhile. I may share a few things later on with you all, about the life stuff; but today is the start of October and I want to start this day with a new post; a reintroduction, an the start of more posts to come.

It's already fall and I can feel the weather is changing outside; except for the fact that, here in the peach state, it's been raining ALL day long. I feel excited for this month, not only because of the cooler temperatures, but also my fall decor, that I'm so loving, and mostly the feeling of cozy days ahead! It's just a feeling; do you know what I mean? I'm also thinking of fall clothes, cozy cups of tea, and harvest festivals! Awe...

Anyway... today I also want to share a little about myself, for all you guests and new followers! I felt, since this is a new month, and the fact that I'm getting back into regular postings; I should introduce myself again.

My name is Ashlie and I would love to know who you are as well! I really enjoy writing this blog and sometimes I like to write stories as well, for fun! Almost everyday I visit other blogs and it's so fascinating to be able to read and get know someone through their words and pictures!

A Classy Occasion is a little place I can call my own; where I share anything that's on my heart, my life, likes and dislikes, opinions, my love for too much clothes and cute shoes, my journey into my own event planning business, my date nights with my sweetie, my creations, projects, the joy I find in making someone's dream come true on their wedding day, and my faith in God that gives me strength and direction.

 I work in the hospitality field as an event manager and studied hospitality in college It's truly something I enjoy doing. I love to make people feel special and taken care of; although it's hard work and long hours, I enjoy it! Currently, I'm FINALLY taking steps to owning my own event planning company and have already ventured out doing my own events.

When I'm not busy working at my weekend job, working on getting my company together, or blogging; I'm like to read, be creative and make things, bake, go shopping, watch movies or go to the theater, surfing the web, or hanging out with my mom, or my sweetheart of a boyfriend!

A few random things about me:

~ I LOVE chocolate
~ My favorite movies are A Walk To Remember, Sweet Home Alabama, Save The Last Dance
~ Some of my pet peeves: Grammar Errors, Stained Clothes, Disorganization
~ I have 2 Dogs and 1 Cat
~ I'm a bit of a nerd; I like to read, write, learn, and take frequent visits to the library

 I hope you all enjoy my blog and visit often!