Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to A Classy Occasion!

Hello my new and old friends, I'm Ashlie, welcome to my new home on the web: A Classy Occasion! If you know me from Just Another Daydream, you're probably wondering why I left and came here. Well, since I have become "serious" about starting my own event planning business, I thought my blog should reflect that. Blogs are so personable and I believe a business should reflect the person behind it, so that is why I built my home here.

As you probably already figured, the name of my business is: A Classy Occasion. I'll be writing about my business venture; from the beginning stages and onward. If you've been to Just Another Daydream, you'll still find a lot of the same things around here, but MORE; more about my life, style, faith, things I do, people I love, and my event business. It's all kind of like a bigger and better version of my old home (blog).

My hope when you visit my blog is that you feel inspired, encouraged, learn something of value, we become great friends, and realize that ALL things are possible when God is on your side! Please enjoy your time spent here and visit often! GREAT things are coming!

via Alice Foran

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